And he finally caves…

After a long bout of resistance, it was down to me and old Ben in the woods with no electricity. Neither of us had blogs: me, because I had no clear reason to start one, and Ben because, well, he had no electricity. He also thought a blog was something floating on the lake that looked like a log but was in fact something else. Something disgusting.

So, Ben’s the only one left in the world that doesn’t have one. He’s okay with that. After many trips to the lake and seeing some strange stuff floating in there, he’s not sure he wants one either.

This is really just an excuse to write. Every day. Like a gymnasium for the mind. I was never conscientious enough to keep a diary or journal. In fact, the thought was a little off-putting. I keep flashing on those little five-year diaries you could get when I was a kid, back in the late Jurassic. It had this little clasp with a lock and a couple of keys, which you immediately lost, both of them, so you ended up snapping the clasp off with a knife or something equally dangerous, and you would cut yourself, and there would be blood on the edge of the book that turned brown over the years, and you’d wonder with the advances in DNA research if you could be reconstituted from that stain, and if you could, would you be interested in reading the diary? I don’t think so.

So, there it is. First post. No idea where this blog will go, but I’ll be back from time to time to add to it. I think. I hope.