Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a glimpse into my childhood.

In the 1960s and early 70s, television was limited to black-and-white and 3 channels. One of those channels, CBXT, an outlet of the CBC, carried many shows that became iconic for me.

One such show was The Forest Rangers. Here’s a video of the opening credits:

Although it was shot in colour, we never saw it that way, so the red serge of the Mountie’s uniform and the verdant green of the woods were supplied by our fertile imaginations. It’s odd to see these in colour now.

Here’s a clip from an episode. It’s a shot of a television screen, so the quality is poor, but I think it gives a feel for watching the series back in the 60s. More clips available from the same account, if you’re interested.

Although a friend’s posting of the video reminded me of the show (thanks, Larry!) I’m happy to report that the show is far from forgotten. There’s a fan page, a Facebook group, and best of all, the series is being re-released on DVD.

Now, I’m going back to turn down the colour on my monitor and watch some more…

2 thoughts on “The Forest Rangers

  1. I have two of the DVD sets and it was so fun to watch the old episodes with all my old favorite characters. My favorite was alway Chub Stanley, that city kid with the "devil may care" attitude. All the stereotypes are there. And even for it's time it push all the right politically correct buttons.
    But I always had one question… where the heck were any of those kids' parents?

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