The day started at 3:30 am, picked up by a cab at 4, arrive at Edmonton International Airport. When there, I had my first 21st century pre-boarding experience; checked in online the day before, electronic boarding pass on my smartphone.

Security was even 21st century, as I was compelled to either submit to a full body search or “the scanner”. Being of a somewhat modest persuasion, I chose the latter. I stepped into a booth that looked like those “grab for cash” things at car dealerships, raised my hands over my head and clasped them, which in restrospect seemed a little like one of those victory poses boxers used to do, a bit ironic considering the circumstances. Turns out the initial alarm was caused by the two tiny keys for the lock on my suitcase that I had tossed in my pants pocket, and that my shoes had metal reinforcements. Fortunately, I was not considered to be a threat to the flying public, and was released.

The flight to Toronto is long enough to watch two movies, so I saw Orson Welles’ MacBeth (the one with the squarish crown that makes him look like he has an inverted occasional table on his head).

The second feature was The Darjeeling Limited, which I saw 99.99% of, until they cut power to the screens just before the final few lines. I hope everything turned out all right for those plucky brothers – guess I’ll have to rent it just for the sake of a few lines.

The flight was otherwise uneventful. I always dread turbulence, mainly because of a bad experience with it on a couple of occasions, so I know what the worst of it can be and always expect it to happen. I think, though that aircraft design and turbulence detection have advanced quite a bit since the days of “the unpleasantness”.

Parts of Pearson International look like the set of Logan’s Run. I didn’t take a picture, but those who have seen bot h will know what I’m talking about.

The room is as advertised, the pictures didn’t lie; what you can’t put in an ad, though, is smell. When I was first let into the hallway leading to my room, there was a strong odor of a feline accident, but that seems to have dissipated, or perhaps been overcome by the smell of Axe wafting in from another room where the young male guests were preparing for a night on the town.

I spent the remainder of the day wandering about the neighbourhood. The first order of business was lunch, and having only had a turkey sandwith and coffee before the flight, I was pretty ravenous by then. I wandered about until something struck my fancy, in this case, sushi.

Izmi Sushi. Highly recommended.

I wandered some more, trying to decide if I wanted to still try and make it to some art galleries or museums, but decided I was too tired to make the effort. Some local theatre was considered but abandoned, as there was nothing playing that interested me.

So, I went to Captain America in 3d. So much for culture.

Taken as a whole, not a bad day, considering all I was planning to do was travel today. Tomorrow, it’s all day at either the AGO or ROM. This is your humble correspondent, reporting from somewhat comfortable squalor, signing off.