Civil Twilight

I’m beginning to work my way through John Green’s novels. (Just started Looking for Alaska, really.) Over the years I’d become a fan of the video blogs (vlogs) he and his brother Hank have been doing for many years.

Today’s vlog is a departure for John. Normally delivered on-camera, with multiple jump cuts to take the air out of the presentation and keep it lively and interesting, this one (as you’ll see above) is quite a departure. And it’s a masterpiece, I think. A real gem of a video essay. I’m seeing that skill as a writer in his novel too. It’s nice to be on a ride with a driver who knows the road and takes you to interesting places. 

I hope you enjoy it too.

The urge to revise has been irresistible

Now that I’ve added all the posts from my old Tumblr and Blogger sites to this new one, I’m finding it darn near impossible to resist going back and fixing broken links, missing videos, etc. Why am I doing this? Because to me, this blog isn’t really a throwaway experience. I’d like to keep all the links viable, so that somebody will have the chance to enjoy something I posted a long time ago.

It’s been playing out like this: I scroll through the site, finding a post with missing bits. I fix the bits, enjoying the content that I posted about in the first place, then making it nice and neat before moving on to the next one. And it’s like salted peanuts. I can’t leave well enough alone. I’m loving every minute of it.

And that’s what a personal blog should be all about, shouldn’t it? So, visitor, whoever you are, I hope you enjoy what you find here. I certainly did.

Photo by AJ Photographic Art