MRIs of fruit and vegetables

Someone somewhere has managed to find some time on an MRI machine to scan fruits and vegetables. (No details on who, why, etc. on the blog itself, at least not that I can find.) The scans bring out the strange, alien beauty of the interior structure of these common objects. My personal favourite is the artichoke, but here’s a watermelon:

(NOTE: the page has a number of large images, so it may take a while to load. The wait is worth it, though.)

Inside insides

(via donttrythis on Twitter)

Presenting The Bird Man of Portugal, Amibuz

Absolutely charming. Roger Ebert tweeted about this video recently, not sure where he found it. Apparently this gentleman has a MySpace page.

(Are any of my Portuguese-speaking friends able to translate some of this? I think it’s obvious from the context what’s being said, but an exact translation, including the lyrics, would be nice.)

(2017 UPDATE: the original link to the video no longer works, but I’ve found a substitute, which I’ve posted above. The MySpace page is still up, but none of the videos appear to be playable anymore.)

Who Needs Posters? We’ve Got Staples

UK artist Peter Root used thousands of staples to create a mural.

See more by following the link below. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Staples Center, Part Deux � Design Binder: Products Materials

(2017 UPDATE: The above link no longer goes anywhere, so I’ve removed it. And, as it turns out, this is not the work of Peter Root, although he has worked with staples–see, for example, his staple city–but the murals are by Baptiste Debombourg. You know what–I probably should have just rewritten this entire post, but oh well.)


Malt and Other Commercial Memories

Hello – long time no blog! Many changes in my life in the last couple of months, I’ll have to do a longer entry to go over them.

For some reason I was reminded of a commercial I’d seen a number of years back about Malt-O Meal that involved a father, a son, and the son’s problem with his cereal. See below, and enjoy!

By the way, as you can see, this video comes from The Museum of Classic Chicago Television. They’ve got a number of commercials and clips from older TV, and many don’t seem to be accessible anywhere else. Have a look around, and if you like what they’ve got, consider sending them a few bucks for upkeep.

Speaking of malt, here’s a Schlitz Malt Liquor commercial, starring a familiar face as Robin Hood. (Interesting that this same actor would later play Errol Flynn, who of course also portrayed Hood. Connections, connections…)

(2017 EDIT: Replaced Flash-based embeds above with YouTube links.)