Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work

Hello, long neglected blog.

What prompts me to break my silence is a collection of remarkable photographs that were unknown until recently. The photographer is Vivian Maier, and not much is known about her, other than what has been dug up by John Maloof, the man who bought a bunch of her photos at a rummage sale.

Maloof has been posting some of the photos, believed to number in the region of 100,000 total, on his blog.

Here are three of them that caught my attention. The first is one of several self-portraits.

Many more can be seen on Maloof’s blog dedicated to Maier.

Maloof is planning a book and documentary on Maier, to which you can contribute funding by way of a pre-order.

More information:

The Wikipedia article

WTTW Chicago covered the story:

The first exhibit of some of the photos

(Thanks to Roger Ebert for a post about this earlier today.)

Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work